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Virtuoso Brass


Over the past two decades, the contemporary brass performer has regained the acclaim that musicians once enjoyed in the Renaissance and Baroque, when joyous and festive fanfares resounded throughout Europe and the brass player was an important, even indispensable, contributor to religious worship, state occasions and public celebrations. Today, once again brass virtuosi have moved to the forefront of musical life as soloists and ensemble players. And thanks to the tremendous technical improvements in instrument manufacture, brass performance has reached levels never dreamed of in the past.





Works on This Recording

1. Suite de Symphonies no 1: 1st movement, Rondeau 

by Jean Joseph Mouret
Period: Baroque 
Written: by 1729; France

2. Judas Maccabaeus, HWV 63: Sound an alarm! 

by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1747; London, England

3. Allegro in C minor

by Antonio Vivaldi
Period: Baroque

4. Concerto in D minor 

by Antonio Vivaldi

5. Fanfare

by Cliff Colnot

Period: 20th Century

Written: 1984; USA  

Length: 1 Minutes 53 Secs.

6. Suite from the Monteregian Hills

by Morley Calvert

Period: 20th Century

Written: 1962

7. Sonatine for Brass Quintet

by Eugène Bozza

Period: 20th Century  

Written: 1951; France

8. Enchanted Forest Suite

by J. Mark Scearce

Period: 20th Century

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